Mikey Ellis 


I play music too loud, I have abnormally emotional reactions to Jamon Iberico and great wine.  I strive for balance - I meditate and celebrate well.  

I'm grateful.  

Sometimes I think too much and I feel everything.   I see beauty in the mundane.

I think humans are fascinating and am very happy to be one.

The Fine Print


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The Pieces of Paper

  • BA (English and Philosophy)
  • BEd (Middle Years Schooling) - Dux 
  • Diploma Life Coaching
  • Cert IV - Outdoor Education
  • Cert IV - Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Cert IV - Business
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Accredited EDISC Practitioner          
  • Certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning                              


Head of Culture - Vinomofo

I want to live in a world where the place we work can be a refuge. Rather than checking ourselves at the door, imagine if we could bring our true, genuine, authentic self to work, to do work that is an expression of our purpose. Creating workplaces where this is the norm, that's what's exciting to me.

Vinomofo is not just a wine store, we're a philosophy. A movement.

We are bringing people together, around a table, to share their stories and eat and drink and laugh and love.
We are uniting the makers with the drinkers.  

We're redefining what work means - from being a place where you go to perform a role, to a place - a community in which you align with and express your purpose. We're creating a company and a workplace that acknowledges, nurtures and celebrates humanity in all its flaws, faults, magic, genius and glory. 

Our mission is to 'Unite a tribe with our love of wine, and food, and this adventure called life. To be proud of what we do and our impact on the world, and to have fun.' 

And we're all-in. Vinomofo is a values based company that celebrates our unique humanity. It's a place you can bring your whole self to work. 

Vinomofo has grown to be one of the most successful businesses in the country, winning a stack of business awards including; Telstra Victorian Business of the Year 2016, StarTrack Online Retailer of the Year 2015, Startup Smart’s Best Startup 2014 and Deloitte's Fastest Growing Tech company in 2013.

The Vinomofo Culture Team is dedicated to creating a workplace which inspires, nurtures and attracts the most exceptional humans. Vinomofo is for the seekers and the doers. Our credo is to 'Step Up, Care More, Keep it Real, Do Some Good and Have Fun. It's our responsibility to ensure we live and breathe these values. Our daily responsibilities range from Office Management to Workforce Planning, Org Design, Learning & Development, Recruitment and Onboarding, People and Culture Strategy and Change Facilitation. 

We're proud to feature in the Top 25 Great Places to Work 2016 list and to be awarded Most Successful Staff Engagement at BRW Mid-Market Business Awards. And we're having fun.



Keynotes + Speaking Gigs

'Being Human - Fundamentals of Building Great Company Culture' - Inside Retail Keynote, May 2017

"The Future of Work' - Company Culture and Disruptive Leadership Summit, March 2017

'Retail Leadership, Management and Expansion' - Inside Retail Live, March 2017

'How to Build a Business People Love' - General Assembly, February 2017

Director - Mikey Ellis Coaching 2013-present

As a coach I work with individuals and teams to help align vision, strengths and action to deliver extraordinary outcomes. I use a program and curriculum I've designed to guide this process but it's entirely dependent upon who I'm working with and what you're looking to achieve. Unlike most coaching programs and unlike most coaches I don't defer to a template, I get to know you, what you need, and then get busy designing a bespoke experience. It's a true Choose Your Own Adventure story, and you write the ending. 

Year Level Coordinator – SPLC Indooroopilly 2006-2014

I was recruited by St Peter’s to teach Yr 7 as a Specialist Middle Years Teacher. During my second year at SPLC I was promoted to Year Level Coordinator with the responsibility of overseeing the curriculum development, team management, delivery of exemplary pedagogy as well as management of student behavioural and pastoral care issues. I have designed and delivered workshops to parents on ‘Developing Resilience’ and ‘Positive Parenting’ as well as presenting professional development workshops to fellow staff on ‘Dealing with Difficult Parents’.

Antipodeans Abroad – Expedition Leader 2003 – Present

Over a number of years I have led groups of young Australians to developing countries to participate in community development projects. Most recently I led group of 16 young women to Borneo (2015), Laos and Vietnam (2013) and prior to that Nepal (2012), Peru (2011 and 2008), Morocco (2010) India (2006), China (2005) and Vietnam (2004). The focus of each of these trips is personal development, community awareness and contributing positively to a developing community. As the group leader, I am responsible for the emotional well-being and physical safety of the group members as well as the overall success of the trip.

Cairns TAFE – Lecturer 2002

I’ve taught a Cert IV Outdoor Recreation course at Cairns TAFE. This course prepared students to lead groups in the outdoors and lead activities such as climbing, abseiling, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking etc.

Education Queensland – Behaviour Management Specialist 2003-2004

In my role as an adventure therapist I worked with at-risk youth aged 12-16. This role involved designing and implementing intervention programs aimed at addressing the needs of adolescents at risk of exclusion from Queensland state schools. The programs included personal development lessons, team initiatives and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, hiking, camping and raft building.


Record of Professional Development - Education

  • Educating and Managing Boys (Dr Ian Lillico) - 2014
  • Identifying and Teaching Students at Risk (Michael Carr-Gregg) - 2013
  • Promoting Student Wellbeing through latest Web Based Programs (Michael Carr-Gregg) - 2013
  • Fun With Maths - Problem Solving 2013
  • Effectively Teach Public Speaking and Debating Skills - 2011
  • Motivating Boys and Improving Learning - 2011
  • Creating a School Where Boys Will Thrive - 2010
  • Teaching Strategies and Behaviour Support for Autism / Asperger's - 2010
  • Learning Through Inquiry - 2008
  • Engage Them or Enrage Them - 2007