The Feels

Your emotions are your guide. Use them.

Do what feels good, that is all. There appears to be a great fear that if we allow ourselves to do what feels good we’ll all turn into hedonistic, self-serving animals with no regard for each other.

It doesn’t work like that. Fear does however, fear works like that and it’s fear that creates this selfish and impersonal existence. On the other hand our inherent, constant, omnipresent nature is calling us to thrive.

Everything you’ve desired, all that you wish for in the quiet moments, you know those ones — where you dare to dream, is available. It’s ready when you are. We simply need to meet those dreams half way.

Our guidance works in our best interest always in all ways. And our guidance is expressed and experienced through our emotions. So how do you feel? Feelings are symptoms of whether we’re in alignment with our guidance or not and they’re never wrong.

It’s the meaning we give our emotions that clouds our understanding of them. Don’t overthink it. Feel it. We can get better at this too, by creating time and space to pause and let go, if only for a moment. For it’s in those moments that our guidance speaks.

Guidance speaks not only in the familiar, but you already knew that. Because you feel it — that’s the magic.