The Devil Doesn't Need an Advocate

Playing Devil’s advocate, prefaced as a hypothetical, is a missed opportunity. There’s always value in offering an alternate perspective and sometimes it needs to be offered indirectly, gently. At other times, we need to own that perspective as our own.

We need more straight up truth — tell us what you really think. Don’t hide behind the Devil’s mask to protect your truth.

To peek around the corner of that mask to test the waters of truth is a wasted opportunity to cut straight to the core of what’s really important, what’s real – if only for you.

Don’t worry about objective truth either, beyond basic human rights that can be a distraction. When you speak honestly, with integrity, you can’t get it wrong. What you think, your opinion based on what you know and what you feel, is true. Test that.

You’ll be judged, but at least it’ll be for what you believe in. Stand up for that.

Be prepared to change and adapt too. What’s true for you is evolving, encourage that evolution by challenging what you know.

Acknowledge it, own it, claim it as yours and put it out there where it belongs to see where it lands, but don’t hide behind the mask of the Devil’s advocate when it’s you who really needs to speak up.

The Devil doesn’t need your advocacy.

The truth does.

You do.

We all do.