You Are What You Say You Are

Remember back to when you were a kid at school and someone caught you off-guard.  They teased you or called you a name and being unprepared, without a comeback you simply replied, "Yeah? Well you are what you say I am!"

What's more true is that you are what you say you are. 

Language is our primary means of defining our experience and thus, is extremely powerful.  We have sensory awareness of an event and an emotional reaction to it, then we define it through language - both internal dialogue (thoughts) and external (words).

It also works the other way too.  We define an event or feeling through language which in turn affects our sensory and emotional experience.

Whilst we can influence how we feel and what we think,  it's the language we choose that we have the most control over.

Say "It's hard". It is.  

Say "I can't!"  You probably won't. 

Notice how what you say makes you feel.

Try it...

Instead of "I can't!"  Say, "I won't."  This subtle shift takes back the power for you choose whether you do or don't.  

Instead of "I'm not good enough" try adding "... yet" to the end of that statement. 

After all, you are what you say you are.


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