I just want to say, thank you, for all your efforts in the 2 programs that I participated in this year: The Man Up 30 Day Challenge and the EDISC profiling.  This year has been a big year of personal development for me, and your 2 programs contributed to that. Over the year, I have developed more empathy, self awareness, vulnerability, compassion, comfortability in my masculinity and most of all, authenticity.   Sincerely, THANK YOU! - Tim


You have a special way with people – always so calm and encouraging.  I’m sure you’ll continue having a positive effect on many people’s lives whose paths you cross  - Joy


Working with Mike was an incredibly awakening experience.  Originally, I had no idea what I was looking to get out of my sessions with Mike. I was feeling lost and constantly was searching for a purpose and some direction in my life. My work with Mike turned into an epic self-discovery journey which delved deeper than I had ever imagined - Sarah


My comfort zone was very quickly pushed to the maximum and beyond, but in the rawest and most beautiful way. I continually felt challenged, respected and supported. I found it incredibly easy to speak openly and honestly with Mike and he was always more than happy to listen to everything that I had to say. I really felt like I was heard, and most importantly, understood.  Mike puts truth into the words 'the world is your oyster' - what previously seemed to be unachievable in my mind was all of a sudden in the palm of my hands.' Why not?' soon became my favourite phrase - Kristin


An amazing and empowering part for me was that I came to a lot of personal realisations within myself, with the thoughts and stepping stones highlighted and drawn out by Mike's encouragement and guidance. This really helped me understand my own thought processes more throughly as well as instilling in me mentally that I had the answers within myself - a bout of self confidence I really needed - Natalie


After each meeting, Mike set me some homework for me to take out and use in the real world and really apply in everyday life. This was the tactic that I found most helpful; it really bridged the gap between the theories brought up in conversation and gave them a practical use - Sally


By the end of my sessions, I had a renewed sense of self. Mike helped me tap into parts of myself that I felt had been lost or completely forgotten, quashed by day to day life. I had clarity, I had confidence, and I also had a bunch of new tools to use when life threw things my way - Paul


Thank you Mike, from the very bottom of my heart, for allowing me to go on this insane journey with you. You're a superstar! - Stephanie


 It was an absolute thrill to step out of my comfort zone.  I had the most incredible rush of adrenaline, which I haven't felt for a very long time.  I just wanted to thank you. The hour spent chatting to you has been the most valuable hour spent consulting, brainstorming and being motivated-mentored for a very long time - Bec